Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 28: Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography

Today You Will Learn How to:
  • Explain the function and importance of an annotated bibliography within the research process 
  • List 4 common elements of an annotated bibliography: APA citation, summary, explanation of relevancy and reliability 
  • Generate strategies for writing each of the 4 sections (where to find information, the scope of content to include, length, which parts to write first, exactness that is required, balance between general and specific for summaries and relevancy sections) 
Class Today:
Part II of Writer's Help
I will give you Writer's Help Part II handout. Remember to turn it into me by May 4th.

I will give you some questions. As a group, decide on an answer and then I will give you feedback.
Write answers on the board.
Group 1: Hao, Shiyuan, Changyoon, Yantong
Group 2: Yichun, Yutong, Maggie, Kevin, Ruby

Take out the source you chose. Now look at the end of the document and count how many sources are in the end bibliography.

Now think about this question:
If you were expected to have so many sources, how would you keep track of all the information? How do you know which sources out of hundreds you would want to use?

I will hand you a sample annotated bibliography and an analysis chart. In pairs, analyze the chart. Then switch people and compare your analysis.

How the Annotated Bibliography Will Work...
Let's discuss the major assignment for this unit.

Class Materials:
Annotated Bibliography Sample 1
Annotated Bibliography Sample 2
Annotated Bibliography Analysis (Answers)

Next Class:  Summarizing Sources


1.  Begin working on the last 8 exercises for Writer's Help. I will give you the handout today. These exercises are due by May 4th in class.

2.  Using the source you chose on Monday, add the source to the Annotated Bibliography Template. We will talk about your responses on Friday in class.

3. The final version of your Annotated Bibliography will be due April 14th by midnight.

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