Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 35- Avoiding Plagiarism: Quoting & Review of Paraphrasing

Class Today:
What are the ways we avoid plagiarism in our writing?
Which technique should be used most often?

Cloze Activity
I will put you into groups and then you will fill out the answers on this cloze activity. You may use any internet resource to find the answers.

Let's look on this powerpoint to review quoting and paraphrasing.

Guided Practice
Do this worksheet with the people in your row.  Then share your paraphrase in our shared google doc.

Mini workshop
Open up your Solution 1 and continue working on it for the rest of the class. I will walk around and help you. Use this handout with reporting verbs and signal phrases to help you.

Next Class: Paraphrasing Part II

1. Pick a time you want to meet for me for conference in my office. Note that the meeting will take at least 10 minutes and is like attending a class session. Please use this spreadsheet.

2. Pick a time to present about your topic. You may prepare a speech, but you do NOT need a powerpoint. This is just a chance for your to do a formal presentation and practice your speaking. Pick your time here.

3. Keep working on your Writer's Help exercises. These are due May 4th. I suggest completing them early.

4. Begin working on writing Solution #1. A draft of Solution #1 will be due Sunday, April 19th by Midnight. Name the file Solution1NetId.doc and upload to box.

5. Body Paragraphs of your final essay are due April 22nd by Midnight. Upload to Compass2g.

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