Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 38- Formatting a Paper, Synthesis Cont.

Today You Will Learn How to:

  • Write your paper in APA format.
  • Create an effective and appropriate title for your essay
  • Give feedback on an essay

Class Today:
Formatting a Paper
With your row, fill out some sections of this shared google doc. Use the APA guidelines from

Open up your paragraph drafts. Have a neighbor peer-review your writing with this handout.

Next Class: Writing Concisely and Presentations

1. Prepare to present on your research topic for class on Monday. If time, everyone will present.
2. Adapt your paper to have a proper APA format using this sample research paper and to have a title. This should be in your final version and if you haven't turned in your first draft, please add this.
3. Keep working on you Writer's Help exercises.


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