Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 39-Writing Concisely and Presentations

Today you will learn how to:
  • Integrate directness, clarity, and concision into your writing.
  • Present your research topic.
Class Today:
Student writing sample on the course website.
Better outline on course website.
Global feedback on first drafts-
1. Pay attention to format.
2. Think carefully about verb tense.
3. Countable/noun countable nouns.
4. Proofread carefully

Writing Concisely
Worksheet to do during powerpoint


1. Revise your body paragraphs to be more direct, clear, and concise. I should see these changes in your second draft when we meet for conferences.
2. The second draft of your essay is due May 2nd by midnight. Please turn in the essay to Compass2g. 
3. Don't forget your Writer's Help exercises.
4. 4. The final draft of your research paper is due May 11th by midnight. Late assignments will not be accepted except in extreme circumstances.
5. If you did not present your topic today, be prepared to present it on Wednesday or Friday.

Next Class:  Review Conciseness, Verb tense, continue presentations

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