Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 30- Reflection Writing

Class Today:

Look at the picture above. In a blank Microsoft Word document, free-write about your thoughts on the picture. How does the picture relate to reflection? What was he thinking when he made this paining? We will discuss your thoughts in about 5 minutes

Group Discussion:
With the other people in your row, think of the types of writing you have done. Then work on this chart with your row.


Which type of writing has been the most difficult? What type has been the easiest?

Example Reflection
Now read this sample reflection. Which part of the reflection is longest? Why?

Pair Discussion
Find a person you have never worked with before. Then discuss what you have learned about plagiarism using these questions.

Language of Reflection
Here's a list of useful language to help with writing your reflection.

Next Class: Choosing sources and refining a topic.

1. The final version of your annotated bibliography is due April 13th by midnight. Keep in mind this is worth 15% of your grade.

2. Keep working on your Writer's Help Exercises. These are due May 4th. I suggest completing them early.

3. Using the same questions we used for discussion in class, write a reflection on avoiding plagiarism. This reflection should be AT LEAST 300 words and will be graded for grammar and word choice. Keep in mind this reflection is worth 2.5% of your grade. The reflection is due April 12th by midnight. Upload the document to compass2g Unit 3. and save it as Reflection2NetID.doc.

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