Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 27: Reference Page Citations

Today You Will Learn How to:
  • Describe the relationship between reference page citations and in-text citations 
  • Use the APA Student Handbook and other online resources to locate APA citation rules 
  • Write and edit APA reference page citations for different kinds of sources (e.g. books, journals, websites, multiple authors) 
Class Today:
What styles of citation are there? Why do we cite? What have you already learned about citation?

I will give each group of 3 people a reference list. What patterns do you see in the reference list? What information is always there? How is each part of the information mentioned?

Elict Patterns 
What did you notice? Let's look at the page together, here. Now you can use this handbook to help you.

Follow along with this short powerpoint

Create Your Own Sources 
Come up with your own sources using this handout. Have fun with it! Then use the handbook to create a reference list.

Seems like a lot of work right? Some websites listed under helpful links can be helpful.

Next Class: Introduction to the Annotated Bibliography

1. Find one source for your research paper and write a short paragraph justifying why you chose it. Upload it to our shared Box folder. Please name the file NetIDOneSource.doc. We will use this in class on Wednesday.
2. Begin working on the last 8 exercises for Writer's Help. I will give you the handout today. These exercises are due by May 4th in class.
3. Review the APA Citation Handbook.

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