Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 32-Summarizing and Refining a Topic

Today You Will Learn How To:
  • Review the functions of the library database search engines and the strategies for using them.
  • Discuss and use efficient strategies to go through the process of source selection. 
  • Analyze sources based on criteria, such as relevancy, purpose, readability, and synthesis, and be able to decide the most appropriate sources for a research paper.
Class Today:

I will give your row a topic on a small sheet of paper. Using the topic I gave you, make a mind map.

EBSCO Database
Now, practice searching for information on the topic.
What's important when using search terms?
Remember to make your search terms- precise, grammatical, and purposeful.

Finding Good Sources
What techniques do you use to find sources related to a topic?

Some ideas:
  • scanning titles and subject terms for keywords
  • skimming abstracts for relevant recommendations
  • scanning literature reviews and reference lists for other sources that may be of interest
  • skimming conclusions and research limitations for relevant ideas
  • using Ctrl + F in a source’s text to look for keywords and their frequency
Individual Practice
Use this chart to help you in find other sources for your paper. I will come around and help you.

Next Class: Introduce Unit 4: Writing the Research Paper


1. The final version of your annotated bibliography is due April 13th by midnight. Keep in mind this is worth 15% of your grade.

2. Keep working on your Writer's Help exercises. These are due May 4th. I suggest completing them early.

3. Using the same questions we used for discussion in class, write a reflection on avoiding plagiarism. This reflection should be AT LEAST 300 words and will be graded for grammar and word choice. Keep in mind this reflection is worth 2.5% of your grade. The reflection is due April 12th by midnight. Upload the document to compass2g Unit 3. and save it as Reflection2NetID.doc.

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