Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 9- PIE Structure

Today You Will Learn:
  • how to identify four essential parts to every body paragraph (P-I-E-C) 
  • how to examine sample paragraphs to identify any missing parts 
  • how to assess your own essays for their use of P-I-E structure and identify/revise weaknesses 

Class Today:
  • Announcement: We struggled with coherence so I will give you a nifty handout to use as a reference. Here is the online link.
  • Please put your name at the top of all documents. I will show you.
  • Warm-up: In google docs share what you do when you struggle to write enough ideas in your paragraphs. 
  • I will give you a handout. While you work on the handout, I will show you this powerpoint presentation. The answers are here
  • With the rest of class time, please modify your body paragraphs to include PIE structure. I will walk around helping you. 

Next Class: Review PIE, Introductions & Conclusions

1. Modify body paragraphs to include PIE structure. I should be able to see this in your first draft that you will turn in on the 11th.

2. Begin work on Writer's Help exercises. You need to turn in the checkpoint sheet by March 20th, but you may turn it in earlier!

3. Read the formatting guidelines on the course website here. Please integrate them into your second draft.

4. Read the rubric for the Writer's Help presentations, here.

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