Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 13: Peer Perception and Peer-review

Today You Will Learn How:
  • Explain the difference between editing (i.e. finding mistakes and offering corrections) and peer perception 
  • Select appropriate words to avoid offense when offering opinions, suggestions, and clarifications to peers 
  • Provide feedback on their peer’s writing related to how they perceive the main ideas and structure of the paper. 
  • Negotiate meaning of peer comments and possible revisions/adjustments through discussion
Class Today:
Writer's Help Presentation- Ruby will present on the structure of essays.

Commas-Open up the shared google document and finish up the comma activity. Then let's take the comma quiz.
Powerpoint- Let's view this powerpoint together. Focus on the distinction between editing and reviewing. 

I will put you in groups to do a peer-review. Since there are 9 students in this class, one group will be 3 students. 

Next Class: Avoiding Plagiarism Part I.

1. The diagnostic revision portfolio is due February 23rd by midnight.
2. The final draft draft of your diagnostic revision is due February 23rd by midnight. Late assignments will be accepted, but I will drop 25% everyday, including weekends. A day is a day.
3. If you haven't finished, remember the first 8 (including the one we did in class) Writer's Help exercises are due March 20th.

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