Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 17-Choosing a Topic

Today You Will Learn:
  • More details of the IRP assignment.
  • What is in a good organization
  • How to find a good organization
Class Today:

Discuss Plagiarism Quiz results
If you do not pass the in-class test, you may fail this class. 

Warm-up In groups of 4-5 people, list all the organizations you are part of and then list a problem for each one.
For your research paper in this class, you will write a problem-solution paper on an organization. First, we will discuss how to choose a good organization.

Let's look at this handout that will show you how to choose a good organization.

This powerpoint will give you specific practice on how to find a good organization.

Guided Practice  
Now, practice evaluating these organizations in groups.


Next Class: Pre-research-choosing a topic

1. If you haven't done all your Writer's Help exercises, remember the first 8 are due by March 20th.

2. Prepare for the in-class plagiarism test by reviewing your answers on the practice quizzes. The in-class test will be on Wednesday, March 4th. If you do not pass this test, you may fail this class. 

3.  Fill out this Finding an Organization chart and upload to Save the file as NetIdOrgChart.doc. Please turn in the chart by Sunday at midnight. 

4. Read "America's Unfair Rules of the Road" pages 1 and 2. Be prepared to discuss the article in class on Monday. 

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