Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 12: Advanced Punctuation- The Comma

Today You Will Learn How To:
  • Describe the most common use of commas (before coordinating conjunctions, to set off introductory clauses, to set off non-essential information clauses in the middle of a sentence, and to list items in a series) 
  • Correctly eliminate and place commas within sentences featuring the aforementioned criteria. 
  • Locate resources on the internet that will help clarify additional punctuation of semicolon, colon, and dash 
  • Self-evaluate the use of commas in their writing and propose revisions based on new knowledge from lesson
Class Today:
Review: Review conclusion paragraph
Presentation- Shiyuan
Why are these funny? What would make them more appropriate?

Group Activity:
Look at the worksheet I give you and using the information create an information sheet for your classmates.

Group 1- Commas with coordinating conjunctions
Group 2- Commas with introductory elements
Group 3- Commas with elements in series
Group 4- Commas with non restrictive clauses

When you are finished, share your part in this shared google doc.

This is not for a grade. In the same groups, work on this comma quiz. We will discuss the answers shortly.

1. Begin working on your diagnostic revision analysis portfolio. It is due by February 23rd by midnight.
2. The second draft of your diagnostic revision is due February 18th before class.  If you turn it in before 1:00 PM, I will print it out for you. We will use this draft for peer-review. Please read my feedback on your first draft before turning in the second draft. If no draft is brought to class tomorrow, your class participate grade will be deducted.

3. Keep working on Writer's Help exercises. The first 8 are due by March 20th. 
Here are some exercises to try (Be sure pop-ups are on):

1. Major uses of comma 1
2. Major uses of comma 2
3. All uses of the comma
4. The semicolon and the comma 1
5. The semicolon and the comma 2
6. The colon, the semicolon, and the comma

Next Class: Peer-Perception

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