Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 10- Introductions and Conclusions

Today You Will Learn:
  • How to describe and identify the basic components of introductions (opener, background info and thesis) and conclusions (review of thesis and broader connections) 
  • How to create a logical flow of information from broad to specific in an introduction and from specific to broad in a conclusion while integrating the aforementioned components 
  • How to choose appropriate introductory and concluding techniques. 
Class Today:
  • Let's watch this video and discuss in google docs how this video could be an effective introduction.
  • Introductions powerpoint
  • Introductions Activity: Answers
    • Groups: 1- Maggie, Ruby, Shiyuan  2-Yutong, Changyoon, Yantong  3-Hao, Yichun, Kevin
  • Conclusions powerpoint
  • If time, start developing conclusion paragraph in class. 
Next Class: Review Introductions and Conclusions, Academic Style

1. Modify the introduction and conclusion in your diagnostic based on what you learned today.
Please turn in this assignment by Friday at Midnight. Name the document NetIDIntroConclusion.doc.
If your name is not in the top of the document you will not receive credit!

2. Work on Writer's Help exercises, the assignment is due by March 20th.

3. The first draft of your essay (thesis statement and body paragraphs) is due by midnight today. Late assignments will receive zero credit.

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