Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 16- Review Paraphrasing, Overview of Research Paper

Today You Will Learn How to:
  • Describe a general process of writing a research paper and analyze the order and interdependence of the steps of research process
Class Today:

Writer's Help Presentations

Review Paraphrasing (15 minutes)
Finish the paraphrase we did last class.

Discuss Research Paper (5 minutes)
In this shared google doc, free-write a definition of research paper. Free-writing means writing without stopping and without a concern for grammar.

Introduction to the rest of the semester (5 minutes)
  • Unit 2: Pre-Research Portfolio
    • Preparing and justifying your research topic.
  • Unit 3: Annotated Bibliography
    • Organizing your research resources.
  • Unit 4: RESEARCH WOOT!
    • Write your paper!!
Ordering Activity, here  (10 minutes)
With a partner, put these steps in order and then explain why each is important.

Next Class:  Choosing a topic


1. If you haven't done all your Writer's Help exercises yet, remember the first 8 are due by March 20th.

2. Do this Paraphrasing Worksheet and turn it into Box by Friday.

3. On Compass2g go to Plagiarism Prevention Tutorial> 2. Plagiarism or Not>
Do Plagiarism or Not Pre-Quiz Tutorial and Plagiarism or Not Practice Quiz 1 and 2.

4. Read the rubric for the Pre-Research Portfolio.
There WILL be a quiz. :)

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