Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 8: Coherence-Transitions and Other Cohesive Devices

Class Today:
  • Announcement: You may turn in late reflection essay. However, other mini assignments will not be accepted late. For instance, if you did not get feedback about your thesis statement rewrite, I assume you did not turn it in.
  • So there is no confusion, each assignment is due by midnight of the next class. 
  • Transitions: Function & Grammar
  • Coherence 2 Powerpoint
  • More Cohesive Devices
  • Share one of your body paragraphs in our shared google doc. Everyone should have their writing in a Box drive.
Next Class: PIE Structure

Class Materials:

1. Based on what we did in class today, finish rewriting the body paragraphs for better coherence. If you only wrote two body paragraphs, please write a total of three for this assignment. Save the document as NetIDCoherence.doc or .rtf in our shared box folder. Turn in on February 7th, Saturday by midnight

2. Begin work on Writer's Help exercises. You need to turn in the checkpoint sheet by March 20th, but you may turn it in earlier!

3. The first draft of your diagnostic revision is due Monday, February 11th by midnight. This draft only needs your thesis statement and three body paragraphs.

4. Some of you never submitted your reflection short essays. You may turn it into Compass with a reduction for being late.

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