Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 11: Academic Style

Today You Will Learn How To: 
  • Explain critical differences in style between informal English and English for academic purposes 
  • Increase their level of writing formality
  • Self-evaluate presence/absence of appropriate academic tone in their writing and propose revisions based on new knowledge from lesson
Class Today:
Warm-up: First, let's watch this youtube video While watching, think about how he talks. Is it different from normal speech? How?
Next, with your row, discuss the following questions:
  • How does Data (the robot) talk? How is it different from regular speech? Can you tell he is a robot by the way he talks?
  • How is talking different than writing? 
Powerpoint Activity:
Get out of your seats and go to the back of the room. I will show you this powerpoint and we will discuss rules for academic style!

Use this handout on Academic Style to help you revise your diagnostic for the second draft.

Early Informal Feedback
Please fill out this anonymous google form to give me feedback on my teaching. I want to help you! I will leave the room while you answer the questions. Once you finish you may leave.

Class Materials:
Academic Style Handout

Next Class: Advanced Punctuation: The Comma

1. Rewrite your draft to have formal style. Use the academic style handout to help you.
2. Begin working on your Diagnostic Revision Portfolio. Remember this is due
3. Keep working on Writer's Help exercise, the first group is due March 20th.
4. The second draft of your Diagnostic Revision is February 18th by Midnight. We will do a peer-review soon.

If you haven't done Writer's Help yet, here are some exercises to try (Be sure pop-ups are on):
1. Recognizing Wordiness 1
2. Recognizing Wordiness 2
3. Revising for Conciseness 1
4. Revising for Conciseness 2

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