Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 24: Thesis Statements and Outlining

Today You Will Learn How to:
  • Conceptualize an outline of the difference components of the IRP Paper: introduction, solutions, critique, improvement, and conclusion
Class Today:
Review Thesis Statements
Get in the groups you were in last Friday. Finish up the thesis statement task.

Card Activity
I will put you in two large groups. In each group, put these stack of cards in order. When I tell you the order is correct, give definitions of each card.

Individual Practice
Begin working on your own outline in the template.

Next Class: Introduce new unit and source reliability

1. Finish your Writer's Help exercises by March 20th. Remember, these are worth 2.5% of your grade.
2. Do a draft of your outline in the Pre-Research portfolio template. Upload it to your Box folder and save it as NetIDOutline.doc. Please turn this in by Thursday at Midnight!
3. A completed version of the Pre-Research portfolio is due Monday 3/30 by midnight. Remember this is worth 15% of your grade. Submit it to Compass2g.
4. Read the rubric and assignment summary for our next unit, Annotated Bibliography.
There may be a quiz :)

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