Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 22- Pre-Research: Critical Thinking

Today You Will Learn How to:
  • Know the difference between summarizing, analyzing, critiquing, evaluating, and synthesizing
  • Generate preliminary analysis points of an organization’s solutions from the perspective of logic, insight, evidence, and critique 

Class Today:
Finish group charts from previous lesson
The link is here.

Powerpoint here

Now that we have talked about different ways to write, we will look at how to analyze an organization.

Group Analysis
In the same groups as the warm up, use this document to fill out this chart.  Use The Water Project as your demo organization.


Next Class: Review Critical Thinking, Thesis Statement

1. The first 8 Writer's Help exercises are due by March 20th.
2. Look at my responses to step 3 and modify them. Then do step 4. Note that the template has been changed again. Name the file NetIDPreResearch4.doc and upload it to Box by Friday.

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