Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 20-Gathering Background Information

Today You Will Learn
  • How to brainstorm for background information on a topic and organization using CQ researcher and other online resources.
Class Today:

1. Grammar Workshops
If you go to one of the grammar workshops and write a short reflection paper, you will get 1% extra credit.

2. Change in assignment. The template has been revised.

3. Hannah Kim's research study

Writer's Help Presentation
Yichun will present.

Warm Up:
In groups of 4-5 people, brainstorm on the blackboard sources you might use to find information about the following topic:
Providing clean drinking water

This is a good start! In order to make sure you have a good topic and organize, we will practice finding background information on a topic.

Concept Map
Fill out this concept map for the topic, providing clean drinking water. Use this website to help you.

Let's watch this video about CQ Researcher.

Now we will practice getting background information.

Group Practice I:
Using CQ Researcher, find an article on the topic- Providing clean drinking water

Group A: Hao, Yantong, Changyoon
Group B: Yutong, Shiyuan, Ruby
Group C: Maggie, Kevin Yichun

Group Practice II:
Same groups
In your respective groups and using the article you chose, fill out this chart. This is the information you would need when brainstorming for information about your topic.

Next Class: Library Day
We will not meet in the Foreign Language Building on Monday. We will meet in the Undergraduate Library Room 291. 

1. Writer's Help Exercises are due by March 20th.
2. Read my feedback on your Pre-Research portfolio in Box. After reading, modify steps 1 and 2 and then do step 3. Upload a new document called NetIdPreResearchPortfolio3.doc onto Box. This document should have BOTH modified steps 1 and 2 and step 3. This is due Monday by midnight.
3. Do a second concept map with your research topic and bring it to the library on Monday.

4. Finish the group practice chart for our class on Wednesday.

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