Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 25: Source Reliability

Today You Will Learn How to:
  • Locate information about a source that helps determine its credibility and reliability (e.g. publisher, date, author, kind of journal) 
  • Categorize sources along a spectrum of credibility (not credible, credible/not academic, scholarly/academic/peer-reviewed) 
  • Concisely explain source reliability in a few written sentences 

Class Today
Introduce Unit 3- Quiz :D

Look at these three websites, what do you think of the reliability of each? Would you use the website for your own research? Discuss with your row.

Follow along as we discuss this powerpoint.

Group Practice
Use the reliability checklist, here, to evaluate these websites:

Next Class: Source Relevancy

1. A completed version of the Pre-Research portfolio is due Monday 3/30 by midnight. Remember this is worth 15% of your grade. Submit it to Compass2g.
2. You should finish the Writer's Help exercises by Friday. Bring the handout I gave you earlier to class.

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