Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 6: Review Thesis Statements and Strengthening Arguments

What you will learn:
  • How to generate different kinds of evidence/persuasive strategies to support an argument (e.g. statistics, anecdotes, answering the opposition, citing authorities, appealing to emotion) and analyze their varying strengths and appropriateness for academic writing 
  • How to strengthen the arguments in their writing by incorporating at least three different types of aforementioned evidence 
Class Today:
1. Introduction to Diagnostic Analysis and Portfolio
2. More on Writer's Help
3. Review Thesis Statements
  • Copy and paste your thesis statement in a word document.
  • Switch seats- is the thesis statement: specific, debatable, and a good preview?
4. Strengthening Arguments
Class Materials:
Next Class: Review Strengthening Arguments and Coherence

1. Write a reflection discussing your writing experiences. The guidelines are here. Save the file as NetIDReflection.doc and submit your response to Compass. This is due by Wednesday, February 4th by Midnight. Please keep in mind that this assignment is worth 2.5% of your grade.

2. Rewrite the thesis statement from your diagnostic. Save the rewritten thesis statement as NetIDThesisRewrite in your box folder. I will give you feedback and upload it to box by Friday.

3. Read the rubrics for our major class assignments on the far right side of the course website.

4. The first draft of your diagnostic rewrite is due February 9th. This rewrite only requires a thesis statement and a rewrite of the three body paragraphs. Please upload the assignment to compass and save it as 115_Diagnostic_Revision_NetID_1.doc. For instance, mine would be 115_Diagnostic_Revision_Kbecker4_1.

5.  Pick a Writer's Help topic to present in this spreadsheet. Choose by Wednesday.

6.  Begin work on Writer's Help exercises. You need to turn in the checkpoint sheet by March 20th, but you may turn it in earlier!

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