Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 5: Thesis Statements and Writer's Help

Today You Will Learn:
1. Identify the Purpose of Thesis Statements
2. Predict the content of a paper based on the thesis statement

Class Today:
1. Last class, answers.
2. Introduction to Writer's Help

  • Go to the Writer's Help website
  • Let's search for 'Thesis statements'
  • Table of Contents vs. Index
  • Do an exercise on Thesis Statements in class
    • Scorecard
3. Thesis Statements
Thesis Statements Handout 1  
Thesis Statements Handout 2

Next Class: Review Thesis Statements, Strengthening Arguments

1. Make sure you have created a Box folder called ESL115C1netId and shared it with me!
2. Pick a Writer's Help topic to present in this spreadsheet. Choose by Monday.


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