Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 4- Audience & Purpose

Today you will learn:

  • The difference and relationship between audience and purpose
  • Identify explicit and implicit audience and purpose markers in written discourse (e.g. content, vocabulary, and structure) and how these collectively impact tone. 

  • Class Today:
    1. Course Policy Quiz! I will give you a paper handout. 
    2. In this google doc, briefly write what you think the audience and purpose was in the article given on Monday. How and why do you know? (3 minutes) 
    3. You will get a situation card. It will have a purpose and an audience. With a partner, think of a way (written or spoken) to persuade your audience. (15 minutes)
    4. In same groups, discuss possible answers for the Audiences & Purposes Chart. (15 minutes)
    5. Now, read the passages and do the Audiences & Purposes Analysis (15 minutes)


    Next Class: Writer's Help and Thesis Statements


    For Friday-
    1. Read these academic paragraphs and be prepared to discuss the questions at the end.

    If you haven't already...
    1.Please purchase Writer's Help. We will use the online book in our next class. Instructions on how to purchase the book are here.

    2. Please fill out the Contact Information Form

    3. Create a folder in Box called ESL115NetID.

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