Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 2- In Class Diagnostic

Class Today:
In-Class Diagnostic
Today is the In Class diagnostic.
No: Phone, internet, or talking.  Please only use a blank word document. Save the file as
NetIdInClassDiagnostic.doc and upload to our compass website in the folder titled Unit 1: Diagnostic Analysis> In-Class Diagnostic

Next Class: The communication model and cross-cultural communication

Course Materials:
1.  Copy of Lost in Translation

Please do by class on Monday-

1. Read Lost in Translation by Boroditsky. I will give you a copy in class. Be prepared to discuss the article.
2. Study the course handout and class introduction prezi we did in class on Wednesday. There will be a quiz on Monday. This quiz is part of your participation grade.
3. Read How to Write an Academic E-mail. Be sure to send me an e-mail as stated in the document. This is also part of your participation grade.

If you added this class late please do the following:
1.) Purchase Writer's Help. Remember, Writer's Help exercises are worth 5% of your overall grade.
2.) Fill out the Contact Information Form.

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