Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 3- Cross Cultural Communication

Today You Will Learn:
-How culture and writing style can be influenced by language

Class Today:
-Quiz on syllabus and course policies (5 minutes) If you added the course late, you will not take the quiz, but you MUST pick a time to take the make up diagnostic, here.
-Announcements: Diagnostic Analysis Portfolio, Diagnostic Revision assignments, Box (5 minutes)
-Warm-Up Discussion (on powerpoint) (15 minutes)
-Powerpoint: Communication and Writing Styles Around the World (10 minutes)
-Next, I will give you a card. With a different partner, read the card. Then compare the writer's culture with your own. (15 minutes)

Next Class: Audience & Purpose, Reflection, Writer's Help

1. Write a reflection discussing your writing experiences. The guidelines are here. Save the file as and submit your response to Compass. This is due by Monday, February 2nd by Midnight.

2. Purchase Writer's Help, Instructions on how to purchase the textbook are here. The textbook is completely online and can be purchased either at the bookstore or via the internet.

3. Create a folder in Box entitled ESL115NetID and share it with me.

4. Read Alibaba's Founder by Issie Lapowsky and be prepared to answer the discussion questions.

5. Read How to Write an Academic E-mail. Be sure to send me an e-mail as stated in the document. This is also part of your participation grade.

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